giovedì 30 luglio 2009

Model Behavior

A piano has never been sexier. BehaviorBody introduces its first Pianoforte V1.0 prop. This unique piano comes with 50 in-built poses that can be managed with a single touch. The beautifully sculpted Piano is a mere 14 prims and the touch menu lets you choose between 11 colours - just touch the music sheet, and the piano turns into your favourite shade.

The Pianoforte V1.0 set includes a poser player and single poses, making it extremely easy to handle in case you want to twirl your avatar.

Every fashionista deserves her own studio. BodyBehavior make it possible with the new MiniRoom V1.0. At only five prims, with 50 in-built poses to choose from this little room is all you will ever need to create a picture perfect. The walls and floor can be changed with a selection of 80 high quality textures. With a simple click of the mouse you can choose between 40 floor textures and four assorted sets for tons of wall combinations.

The MiniRoom V1.0 set also includes single 50 poses and a poser player.

The auto update script in both the props guarantee that you won't miss out on future updates.

What are you waiting for ? TP yourself to BehaviorBody now!

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