lunedì 27 luglio 2009

AOs for the Lady in you!

BehaviorBody is proud to announce its AO collection. Easy to use, one of these overriders is the only thing your avatar needs this summer to strut her sexy stuff on the grid.

Lady Contessa AO

Lady Contessa AO is elegant and graceful. With 16 stands, five different realistic walks, ground sits and cute hoovering animation, this AO is bound to make you fall in love with your avatar all over again. Whether you want to fly the grid in style, or be the elegant lady at the party this AO doesn't interrupt with your attachments.

Controlled by a simple touch menu, this must have AO costs only 1290L$.

Lady Glamour AO

Be a glamourous vixen with this AO. With five sexy walks and 12 animated stands, this will make pixelated heads turn as you enter any sim. Whether you are budding model or a

glamourpuss, this AO is sure to be a staple in your Second Life at just 1,090L$.

A.O. Animation Override Lady Marquise

Lady Marquise AO

If simplicity is more your style, Lady Marquise is apt for you. With only 30 animations, this realistic AO is no fuss and a bargain at just 950L$.

Take a limo to the store and try these must have animation over riders yourself. Visit the store Inworld - BehaviorBody

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