mercoledì 12 agosto 2009

Strike a pose

Do you love taking pictures, but are sick of playing around with pose stands?

BehaviorBody are proud to announce the new Runway Model HUD to store all your poses. It is quick and easy to use and with poses this adorable, it's a must have !

The Runway Model HUDs come in 3 variations with 12 preloaded poses included in each set, with the ability to personalize them with 8 of your own poses as well, for a total of 20 poses in each set.  Each pose is 30 seconds, and the poses may be selected in any order.  

Each is numbered for your convenience, and may 
be arranged in a variety of ways and positions of your screen for ease of use.  These are the first modeling Huds to come pre-loaded with so many great modeling poses.

These Runway Model HUDs should provide models great flexibility for fashion shows as well as for photographic work and machinimas.  

Rather than having multiple HUDs for several shows or portions of shows, they can all be in one.  Additionally, Agencies might wish to select certain poses as "signature" poses for their models to use in their shows.

Taxi to BehviorBody now to make this fabulous HUD yours today !