martedì 28 luglio 2009

Elegance Extraordinaire

BehaviorBody reveals three brand spanking new Animation Overrider to suit your avatar's personality.

Garbo V1.0 AO

Inspired from elegance and grace, Garbo V1.0 is a fresh take on AOs. With 37 au courant animations, including nine charming stands and a delightful hoover, this AO will attract the sophisticated chick in you. At just 1,200L$ Garbo V1.0 is quality you can afford.

Elegance V1.0 AO

If you like subtlty, Elegance V1.0 AO might be just for you. This tres elegant AO, has the quality of Garbo V1.0 AO, only cheaper! Hard to believe? Try it for yourself. This AO with 34 animations costs 1,000L$, affordable chic!

Garbo & Elegance V1.0 AO

Are you a fashionista who doesn't compromise? Elegance & Garbo V.10 AO combines the best of the two AOs to give you a whopping 43 animations. The AO with 15 stands, five walks and four sits, leaves you spoilt for choice! Buy it at BehaviorBody for 2,000L$.

All the new AOs have a shiny new HUD with more command on monitor and is powered by Zhao II. In addition, each of them have an auto - update, which keeps you in mind every time a new update is released.

TP to BehaviorBody to check these brilliant Animation Overriders now!

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